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Posted on Thursday, September 19th, by Bryan Young. As an eighteen-year-old kid obsessed with film still devastated by the loss of Kubrick just a few months prior, I was dying to see this film. Naturally, Eyes Wide Shut deals with themes that an eighteen-year-old kid ought to have very little frame of reference for.

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The controversy was prudish and ridiculous back in It is not an erotic thriller, as so many reviews suggested. Two decades have passed and it is time to start being honest: Eyes Wide Shut is an excellent film, but it is not erotic, sexy, or even titillating.

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Eyes Wide Shut is a erotic mystery psychological drama film directed, produced and co-written by Stanley Kubrick. The film follows the sexually charged adventures of Dr. Bill Harford, who is shocked when his wife, Alice, reveals that she had contemplated having an affair a year earlier.

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InStanley Kubrick sent the screenwriter Frederic Raphael a novella about a doctor who embarks on a dark odyssey of the soul after learning that his wife has fantasized about fucking another man. The story took place in Hapsburg, Vienna; Kubrick wanted to know if Raphael could adapt it into a screenplay set in contemporary New York. As Raphael later recalled in an essay for The New Yorkerhe was initially skeptical. The film they eventually collaborated on, Eyes Wide Shutcame out twenty years ago to mixed reviews.

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Sign in. Maura Tierneythe versatile star from " The Affair ," has never been afraid to find the comedy and drama in her work. Watch now.

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So began their great adventure together making Eyes Wide Shutthe eternally divisive psycho-sexual meditation released 20 years ago in the UK this week. A still potent mystique hangs over Eyes Wide Shut. When the glamorous wife Nicole Kidman of a successful doctor Cruise confesses the desire she felt for a stranger months previously, he plunges down a whirlpool of jealousy.

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In Stanley Kubrick's cinematic universe reality, dreams, order and insanity progress on distinct, intersecting planes. Whether he was depicting an absurd, chillingly real war room in Dr. Strangelovethe disturbing but oddly sexy ultra violence of an Orwellian future in A Clockwork Orangethe siren call of insanity in The Shiningor the hyper fantastical yet authentic Vietnam War in Full Metal Jacketlife was a surreal work in progress -- nearly an ambiguous joke that veered from hilarious to sexy to terrifying, sometimes within seconds.

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Libidinous, yes, and full of naked bodies in salacious motion, engaging in lubricious acts — but also off-putting, too meticulous to be arousing. Eyes Wide Shut is a dreamy traipse through the nocturnal fantasies of a successful Manhattan doctor Tom Cruise who, married to a beautiful woman Nicole Kidmannonetheless finds himself beguiled by the promise of debauchery and deviancy when he discovers that his moneyed patients are part of a secret sex cult — or so it seems. At one of their parties, which take place in a mansion outside the city, this doctor, out of his element he arrives in a yellow cabgets a glimpse of a privileged, perverse world he was never meant to see. And down the proverbial rabbit hole he goes, increasing disoriented, understanding less the more he learns.

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William Hartford and his art curator wife, Alice, whose relationship is put to the test when she reveals she almost slept with another man. Driven by doubt and curiosity, Dr. Hartford wanders the New York streets and eventually encounters a secretive gathering where sex and danger go hand in hand. Confronted by Ziegler's brazen deception and the casual tone of the rich man's threats, Bill is forced into a limbo, between his justified suspicion of a grand evil and the lies that will enable him to continue his striving life, now colored by the realization of its limits.


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