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When Sonny commits suicide, Hank is devastated and quits his job, spiraling into a deep depression until, one night, he comes to the aid of Leticia Halle Berrya beautiful African-American woman whose son, Tyrell Coronji Calhounhas been hit by a car. When Tyrell dies, Leticia and Hank find themselves to be unexpected soul mates linked together by tragic grief. Their title refers to the name of an English tradition requiring jailers to throw a party for a condemned man on the night before his death.

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Ask E. Jean - Tormented? Driven Witless?

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TV guest blasted for Meghan Markle comments. James McAvoy talks about working with Stephen King. Who made Vanity Fair's 'Best Dressed' list.

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By Megan Turner. He makes everyone feel special; he takes the time to talk to you and look at you. But neither coupling produced the kind of sparks that flew when Berry and Thornton hit the sheets.

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When Thornton dropped by HuffPost Live to discuss his Emmy nomination for "Fargo," he and host Ricky Camilleri chatted about what it was like to film that scene, which has become one of the most popular sex scenes on the Internet. There's obviously some excitement in filming an intimate moment with one of Hollywood's sexiest women, but Thornton said because the film was so dark, he felt "pretty exposed" rather than titillated. Still, it was a thrill to work on, he said.

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Monster's Ball is a powerful and poignant motion picture not about racism and redemption, as one might initially suppose, but about one of the most urgent and universal of human needs - that of finding solace for pain and loneliness. Though it has some of the trappings of an interracial romance, Monster's Ball is not that, either. The sex in this movie is not a precursor to love; it is a means by which two people can find temporary refuge from their otherwise bleak existences.

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CNN -- If misery really does love company, it should make a concerted effort to see "Monster's Ball," a vastly overpraised study of racism that's so bleak, even its sex scenes are a drag. Of course, you shouldn't avoid a picture simply because it's depressing. But the script, by Milo Addica and Will Rokos, is so wanting in back story that the main characters' motivations are almost impossible to fathom.

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Now no one will even share a fork with you. Limey 10 out of 10 Good God man, are you seriously complaining about Halle Berry appearing in a 'porn scene'. Is it Jesse, or Jessie?

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Sign in. Laverne Cox reveals what she'll miss about " Orange is the New Black ," and shares her encounter with Reese Witherspoon. Watch now.

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Racism, the death penalty, and loneliness are the principal themes in this romantic drama: The wife Halle Berry of an executed convict Sean Combs and the prison guard Billy Bob Thornton who was in charge of his execution become unlikely lovers and find solace, and perhaps even hope, in each other. In another scene a man performs cunnilingus: we see his head move toward her lower body while the camera lingers on the woman's face and cleavage she's wearing a bra for several minutes; she's obviously excited and moans for a while until she climaxes. A man has sex with a prostitute in a motel room: She takes her clothes off her buttocks and the sides of her breasts are clearly visible and leans over and he has sex with her from behind; we see him thrusting for a minute or so until he climaxes. Also, a prostitute almost has sex with a man: she takes her clothes off her breasts are clearly visible and she leans over, the man approaches her from behind, but before the act is consummated he changes his mind.


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