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The female condom is a device used for birth control. Like a male condom, it creates a barrier to prevent the sperm from getting to the egg. The female condom protects against pregnancy.

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Clue is on a mission to help you understand your body, periods, ovulation, and so much more. Start tracking today. The most popular and accessible type of condom is the male external condomwhich is placed on an erect penis just before sex. The male condom is an old form of contraception and STI protection —some suggest that the male condom dates back to ancient Egypt, but the first documented description of an male condom was by Italian anatomist Gabriello Fallopio in in his book De Morbo Gallico, as a method for preventing syphilis 1,2.

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The female condom was supposed to be a gamechanger. It should have been the perfect storm for the female condom to take off. However, when Wisconsin Pharmacals introduced the female condom to market inall they heard was laughter.

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Female condoms are an alternative to male condoms as a barrier method for safe sex and contraception. They are worn during vaginal sex to prevent semen the fluid that contains sperm getting to the uterus. Condoms are the only contraception that prevent both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections STIs.

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A female condom also known as a femidom or internal condom is a device that is used during sexual intercourse as a barrier contraceptive to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections STIs — such as gonorrheasyphilis and HIVthough its protection against them is inferior to that by male condoms [2] and unintended pregnancy. Invented by Danish MD Lasse Hesselit is worn internally by the female partner and provides a physical barrier to prevent exposure to ejaculated semen or other body fluids. Female condoms can be used by the receptive partner during anal sex. They typically come in various sizes.

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An internal condom also sometimes called a female condomwhich has the brand name FC2, is a pouch you insert into your vagina. Internal condoms work the same way that condoms do, except that you wear one on the inside instead of sticking it on a penis. They keep sperm inside the condom and out of your vagina.

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The internal condom is a form of contraception. This page explains how the internal condom works and tells you how to use it. The internal condom is a pouch that is used during intercourse to prevent pregnancy. It also reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections STIs.


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