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Enter these scientists, who took it upon themselves to catalog the most common sexual fantasies in a population of 1, people from Quebec, Canada. Curious where you rank on the list? See below for the full fantasy tally.

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Here, thanks to recent studiesresearchand well, ladies just sharing their brilliant insightare 25 of the most common fantasies women have. Both giving and receiving head came up as a top fantasy in one study. Meanwhile, receiving oral might make you feel like a pampered queen in her throne or a thoroughly ravaged snack.

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In the canon of sex research, far more energy and attention has been devoted to the act of having sex—how, when, and with whom—than to how people think about it when they are on their own. Same with [William] Masters and [Virginia] Johnson. The last significant scientific publication on the topic dates tobefore the popularization of the internet, which has made pornography, sexual information, and sexual mis information all much more widely available.

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Forty years ago the idea that women had sexual fantasies was preposterous. Admittedly, Alfred Kinsey had glanced across the idea, in Sexual Behaviour and the Human Female in but he considered women's solo erotic life to be far less vivid than men's; and untilthe mainstream view of psychiatrists, media and society was that men fantasised and women did not. Then Nancy Friday wrote My Secret Gardenbreaking the taboo of female sexual fantasy, attracting outrage and accusations of fraud - and helping thousands of women feel normal for the very first time.

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Here, ten women describe their hottest sexual fantasy scenario. I'm both an exhibitionist and a voyeur so I've always been turned on by the idea of people watching me submit, and I'm a trans lesbian myself so of course it has to be a damn near shameful, sinful encounter. It could be in a park or an Applebee's for all I care.

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I've never had that conversation, not with friends, my sisters, anyone. There are threesomes, plenty of bi-try, gang-bangs, BDSM, sex with strangers, sex with the 'forbidden', including priests, bosses, exes and friends' partners. Some of the sex is highly aggressive, deliberately anonymous, even faceless, and then some is deeply romantic, with husbands and partners as the object of lust.

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When relationship researchers gathered recently for their big international conference, one presentation drew a lot of attention because it offered an answer to a question often asked but rarely examined: Can sexual fantasies improve your relationship? Not everyone, of course, wants to act on them. They are more likely to fantasize about multiple partners, some studies found. A study published in the January,issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine found typical types of fantasies for both men and women include feeling romantic emotions during sex, imagining a particular atmosphere and location, receiving oral sex and particularly for men having sexual intercourse with two women.

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Author-editor Julianne Daly not her real name conducted a comprehensive survey of women living in Ireland, asking them to share and describe their sexual fantasies in explicit detail. It seems that there is a real hunger to know what other women are thinking about sex — perhaps out of curiosity, or because we want to know whether what we are thinking is normal. Well, Irish women are thinking about men and women and couples.

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It has been generally accepted that men see themselves as more dominant in their fantasies. Women, on the other hand view their role as submissive in their sexual fantasies. They may entertain fantasies of scenarios where their beauty is so overwhelming that every man is rendered helpless in his desire for them.


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