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Fertilizing corn is one of the largest expenses on our farm, and Nitrogen N is the biggest contributor to that cost. Over that last few seasons we have changed our N program quite a bit with goals of improving corn yield, more effective application timing, and reducing costs. In recent years we have stepped away from applying anhydrous ammonia, our chosen form of N, in the fall.

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With proper management, a cereal rye cover crop can maintain, or improve, corn and soybean yields compared to when no cover crop is used. On-farm research conducted by PFI cooperators Jack Boyer and Jeremy Gustafson has shown no yield penalty to soybeans that were planted directly into a living cereal rye cover crop that was terminated within the next few days. Those studies found that applying the same amount of N fertilizer as one would with no cover crop resulted in similar corn yields.

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Definition and objectives Plot Size and Shape Bias Competitive checks Variation in treatment of varieties Testing agreements Customer interaction Agronomic factors Exploratory regression and agronomic factors Conclusion. The next stage would be pre-commercial. The previous stage can be called a pilot variety because there is pilot production of seed for strip plots at the same time the varieties are testing in a large sample of small plot locations.

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In addition to being an eyesore, volunteer corn can cause significant economic losses by adding weed-control costs and reducing bushels at harvest. Under normal conditions, losses due to the combine should be less than one bushel per acre. It only takes two corn kernels on the ground per square foot to lose one bushel per acre at harvest. Dropped whole and partial ears contain hundreds of kernels.

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The National Association of Wheat Ethanol supply in the United States returned to the upside after a one week decline, rising for the sixth time in seven weeks while domestic plant This week's head-scratching WASDE report sends our farmer correspondents to the field to pull some yield checks, and both are also hoping timely

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In fact, studies in the past 10 years have shown our new corn hybrid varieties are more effective at utilizing the nitrogen available to them for grain production. On average, these hybrids require only approximately 0. In short, our corn varieties are getting better at using nitrogen, which gives us opportunity to apply less and save dollars.

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Most genetic traits that contribute to yield are quantitative traits controlled by multiple genes that each contribute a certain percentage to the overall characteristic. Observations of any quantitative trait, such as height of a person or yield for a plot or strip trial, follow a bell-shaped curve Figure 1. This variation is due to the interaction of environment and genetics, as the environment can have an effect on each of these genes independently and in different ways. These values are not wrong or incorrect, but just part of the natural variation seen in any population.

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Location Map. Hybrid perfomance in Northwestern Ohio. Hybrid perfomance in North Central and Northeastern Ohio.

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Skip to main content. The guidelines of fertilizer rates given in the following Table are general guidelines for optimum economic corn production. These general fertilizer guidelines should only be used in limited circumstances when a complete soil test has not been taken as the tables in this section are condensed for simplicity.


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