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If you're into sex toys, it's an incredibly exciting time to be alive. With new developments and wonderful creations coming out all the time, there's something for everyone no matter what they're into. But, if you're somewhat of a newbie, shopping for a toy can be baffling and intimidating.

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From how to have sex dreams to how to have sex, Google gave Teen Vogue a list of the top-searched questions about sex and sexual health using Google data from Next, we matched the top questions with our top resources. Trust us, we feel your sexual health Google struggles.

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Looking back at means reviewing how the year shaped us, molded our lives…and influenced the porn habits of billions of people. No exceptions. So, if you can think of a pornographic scenario, theme, or style—no matter how random or innocent it may seem—then such porn will already have been made and will be available online.

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In this day and age, when we have a pressing question about absolutely anything, we simply type it into Google, and get our answer. How many feet are in a mile? Why are Kansas and Arkansas pronounced differently? Why does caffeine free Mountain Dew exist?

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Note: Clicking links in this article may take you to websites that discuss adult themes. This blowback and censorship could well continue into But if more progressive forces can put the kibosh on those trends, then we can hopefully spend next year enjoying upcoming innovations, like CBD-laced intimacy products and bespoke sex toys.

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The year was a big one for porn viewership—and not just for men. According to data crunched by the video streaming site Pornhub, 24 percent of last year's users were women, up a bit from 23 percent in Laurie Betito said in a press release on Pornhub's website.

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What do the things people search for on Google say about their sex lives? I highly recommend you jump over the the NYT to read it. Check it out.

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If you've ever stayed up late Googling crazy questions about sex not that I have, heh heh Our searches reveal that we are ALL wigging out over sex. That's what economist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz found when he looked at all our sex-related Google searches. His results will surprise you!

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The level of sexual or pornographic Web searching is a major subject of political debate, particularly in the United States. United States federal prosecutors recently, as ofrequested that the major Web search engines, Yahoo, American Online AOLMSN and Google provide a sampling of their search queries and indexes of Web sites, in order to allow the examination of various aspects of pornographic searching and retrieval. This paper examines studies that have analyzed Web search logs to determine the level of sexual or pornographic searches on publically available Web search engines from to

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The reality of the digital age that we live in is that hardcore internet porn is more vast and varied than just about anything else that can be found online. Let that info sink in for a moment. Or that the younger the girl looks, the easier it is to have sex with her, or the easier it is to take advantage of her? The reality is that even casual pornography consumption has the power to change ideas and attitudes.


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