Comic strip used in classroom

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Log in or sign up to add this lesson to a Custom Course. Log in or Sign up. Getting students to enjoy reading can take some time and effort.

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Why not use comics as a way to spur student learning? In fact, I challenge you to set up an occasional minute comic strip segment during which your students create a comix about something they learned or read or experienced that day. They can make their daily comix diary by using a comic generator, such as MakeBeliefsComix or even by drawing their own comics with pencil or crayons if technology access is limited.

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Comic strips are powerful conversational tools available to use in the classroom at all language levels. Comic strips are an authentic resource used to motivate the reluctant student or entice the visual learner. Comics give students a glimpse into culturetrends, politics and current events in the community.

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To see her lesson plan click here. At the beginning of each new school year have students create an autobiographical comic strip talking about themselves and their families or summarizing the most important things about their lives, including their goals both in school and in life. Let each student select a cartoon character as a surrogate to represent her or him. After students complete their strips, encourage them to exchange their comics with classmates to learn more about each other.

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By Samantha Cleaver. PreK—K1—23—56—89— Not so many years ago, comic books in school were considered the enemy.

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Skip to content. Cartoons and comic strips can be used from beginner level to advanced level for a variety of language and discussion activities. Word of warning: The language used can sometimes be too colloquial and referential for lower levels to cope with.

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I am an English teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and would like some help as to how to use comic strips from newspapers in class. I know they may be interesting for students, especially teenagers which is the age group I teach, but am at a complete loss as to what kind of activities to do with the. All I can think of is gap-filling, but I myself am quite bored with it. Gabriela Rosso Comic strips can be very motivating for learners as the story-line is reinforced by the visual element, which can make them easier to understand.

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The reason behind the efficacy of comic strips as a teaching tool is that it engages students of different learning styles and engaging multiple senses at once. Comic strips help students practice essential skills like reading, understanding visual concepts, understanding context clues, speaking, and ultimately, communicating complex ideas in the span of panels. It also evokes thought about provocative issues and can help students understand highly complicated matters in a condensed and succinct form.

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The comic strip has often been a popular go-to resource and activity for teachers. They can provide an overview of events, tell a story and so on. However, the comic strip task can also be an activity that is a time waster and not support learning — wasting precious lesson time and simply keeping learners busy which of course is not good. The issues with the comic strip are that pupils can spend too much time on the illustrations and colouring rather than focusing on the captions and information, although many pupils can effectively communicate their understanding and knowledge through illustrations too.