Asian culture in australia

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From the s onwards, Chinese people have come to Australia inspired by dreams of happiness, longevity and prosperity - of 'jade and gold' in a new and strange land. For most of that time, Chinese people in Australia have been predominantly male. Most of them were temporary sojourners who came to earn money for their families back in the village - most did not intend to settle in Australia.

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Thank you for the honour and privilege of being invited to deliver this Australian Asian Foundation Oration. Bur in all its more than pages of analysis and recommendations, I could find in the White Paper barely a mention even of the existence of Asian-Australians in our community, and just four sentences referring to the contributions they might make — through their contacts and cultural awareness — to Australia-Asia relations. This is as classic an illustration as one could ask for of the problem with which you will be acutely familiar, which needs far more attention than has been getting from policymakers, and which I want to address this evening: the under-appreciation and underutilisation of Asian-Australians as a hugely valuable human resource for this country, not least as we face both the challenges and opportunities of the Asian century.

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With so much talk about Australia preparing itself culturally and socially to engage with Asia, we seem to have forgotten that our experience with Asia can be traced back before Federation. Thousands of people and families from across the Asian continent have made and called Australia home since the early days. Migrants from Asia made their way to Australia in many forms, from labourers, tradesman and refugees back in the 19th and 20th centuries to students and business investors in the modern day.

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The Asia region exerts enormous influence globally and in Australia. It will soon also be both the largest producer and consumer of goods and services in the world. The economic importance of successful Australian engagement with Asia is undeniable.

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This is for varied reasons, first and foremost being that many people I follow are very interested in Asian Australian identity and would definitely have an opinion on it! The comparisons and implied derivation from Asian American culture did not help, given the US's track-record of cultural imperialism in Australia. The article was also — necessarily perhaps — focused on a fairly narrow demographic of a particular generation.

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Certain commentators have argued that immigration intakes will eventually start to shape the foreign policy of a recipient country. But in the case of Australia and its growing Asian minority, adaptation has been slow to occur, with some decisions actually being contrary to what one would expect from more Asia-sensitive governments. The key point is how immigrants from Asian countries and their descendants make up an increasing proportion of the Australian population; Asian-born people are now about 12 percent of the population issue 5, p 73although there is considerable variation across the country.

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In this learning sequence students will brainstorm and investigate the increased influence of Asian cultures across Australian society and how this may impact on their future aspirations. An Australian meat pie. You should then be able to provide some good answers to the first key question:.

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Australia's food and health patterns are inextricably and increasingly linked with Asia. Indigenous Australians arrived in the continent via Asia and have linguistic connections with people who settled in south India; there was interaction and food trade between both South-East Asia and China and northern indigenous Australians over thousands of years. After European settlement inthere have been several and increasing apart from the period of the infamous White Australian Policy following the Colonial period and Independence, with Federation, in waves of Asian migration, notably during the gold rush Chinesethe building of the overland Telegraph Afghansthe Colombo Plan and Asian student education in Australia from the s onwards South-Eeast Asiansand with refugees Vietnamese and mainland Chineseand business late twentieth century and progressive family reunion.

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Asian Australians are Australians who trace their ancestry to Asia. The Australian Bureau of Statistics and Australian Census do not collect data on races or ethnicities. Instead, they collect data on distinct ancestriesof which each census respondent may select up to two.

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D ancer Daniel Kok was recently in Melbourne in a show he devised with Australian performer Luke George called Bunny: an interactive exploration of bondage and the ancient underground erotic art of shibari. He sees Asia Topa as the latest in a growing field of opportunities for collaboration throughout the region. Asian cultural experiences — in art, design, music, food and spirituality — are no longer seen as unusual for Australians, and the thrust behind the triennial is to normalise it even further.


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